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McAfee All Access is a pack of security tools that takes control of protecting each and every aspect of your computer, stopping any possible threat.

Among the tools available you'll find, naturally, the traditional McAfee antivirus, along with an antispyware program, an email protection tool that will guard you against spam and phishing, a firewall to avoid unwanted connections, and even a backup and data-protection tool that will help you keep your most important documents safe.

All of these features are accessible from a simple, functional interface that only requires one click to activate any action. Whether you want to run a quick system scan or deactivate the firewall to let in a specific application, you'll get it done in a matter of seconds.

McAfee All Access is one of the best options you have to protect your computer. Everything you need is included in this one application, under the security of the famous McAfee name.

30-day trial.

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